We now offer free hosting. That's right. We just said free hosting. No P2H (Post2Host) *There is only P2H for the upgraded free plan.*. No ads. Nothing. We used to look for free hosting ourselves, before we started a web hosting company, and we know how hard it is to find good, free web hosting. You'll find that our free hosting services greatly differ from other web hosting providers. We're not a fly-by-night host that will just disappear the day after you sign up for our services. Since we also offer paid plans, we can stay afloat! And we can offer features other free hosts can't. We can also GUARANTEE 99.9% uptime! Other free hosts say that, but what you'll usually get is 10% uptime. Either that or experience daily database deletions! That won't happen here. Believe us. However, we have to stay strict with our free hosting customers to prevent server abuse. So before you sign up, read the Terms of Service here.